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Gardening is a method by which we express our love towards nature. Gardening is a process in which we take care of plants. We grow as well as we cultivate plants. We grow flowers, shrubs and trees as a hobby or recreation.  We should consider gardening is an art. Trendy home garden plants with the help of gardening we can keep our environment safe. It is a very good attribute and every one must practice gardening. Plants provide us fresh oxygen which is very good for our respiratory system. It also creates a positive environment. Gardening is a method by which we directly connect to the nature.  There are also some key things of which we need to take care while doing gardening.


The first thing is that we need to have little knowledge about the gardening. We can also take help of experts and do as they suggest. Also if the garden is new we can take the help of experts and then plan the garden. This would be the ideal case because we can plan all the things accordingly. Best garden planters company in Delhi NCR. We need to be aware about the nature of the various plants or things that we grow or cultivate in our gardens. It is very important to know the nature. Otherwise it can be disastrous. And ultimately we will be harming our environment which we do not want. A little knowledge may include the amount of water we need to provide to the garden. Butterfly garden plants installing company in Delhi NCR.  Also the amount of water will vary from season to season.Organic vegetable garden making company in Delhi NCR. Get gardening tips with us.

A garden is a planned space, usually outdoors, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. The garden can incorporate both natural and man-made materials.Best garden design company in Delhi NCR.

We need to ensure that we are adding right amount of water at the right time or right season. If possible we can also find out the right time. Next we need to provide proper sunlight to the garden. Beautiful garden flower making company in Delhi NCR. There should be a right proportion of sunlight. Creative outdoor plants garden designers in Delhi NCR. There should not be too much light neither too less sunlight. This will also vary from season to season and we need to ensure that the proportion of light shared with the garden is right. It is important because sunlight plays a very vital role in the growth of the plants. Sunlight enhances the growth of the plants. And most importantly plants need sunlight to carry out photosynthesis. Multicolor flower plants garden maker company in Delhi NCR. It is the need of this process. Hence we need to provide proper sunlight to the gardens. Best garden landscaping company in Delhi NCR. For a big garden you need to have care takers. Also in the gardens you need to perform cutting of the plants as well as grass. The grass and the plants must be well maintained. In order to make the garden look attractive you can cut the plants and the grass in various shapes. This can be a very eye catchy process with Verity of garden trees.  Also it makes the garden look very hygienic. And we must ensure that the garden is cleaned every now and then by the care takers. Planning a garden contact us.

Next we need to have the knowledge of the insecticides and the other chemicals that we need to spray in the garden. It is important to know that which chemical is suitable for which type of garden. Best flower garden making company. Easy maintainable landscaping plants.  Also we need to be aware about the proportion of the chemicals that we need to spray. Wrong proportion of chemical can be disastrous and can damage the plants. Hence right proportion of chemicals for spray is very important. Also the quality of the chemical must be good. In a period we also need to do soil rotation. It is a process which is required in a span of 10-12 days. Easy home garden maker in Delhi NCR. The time for this may vary for different plants and different grasses. We need to perform this process at regular intervals. This will also boost the growth of the plants and the grasses. Japanese garden plants making company in Delhi NCR. Just like soil rotation we need to change the soil in a year or half of a year. The change of soil is very important. After a certain period of time we need to ensure that the soil is being changed. Hence changing of soil is a very vital process. Best gardening website in Delhi NCR.

Ecogreen Corporation has expertise in the following types of Gardens:

  • Herb and vegetable gardens.

  • Flower gardens.

  • Specialty gardens.

  • Water gardens.

  • Woodland gardens.

  • Rock gardens.

(1) Flower Gardens.

These gardens may vary from place to place. However the planning and the principles are the same. In the flower gardens tress and the shrubs the two major things. If you want the garden well designed you will find these two in high proportion.

 (2) Rock gardens.

They are designed to give the feel as if they are a natural part of a rocky hillside or slope. best rock landscaping making company in Delhi NCR. The edges of these gardens contain these rocks. In these gardens the rocks are designed such as that there are various exposures for sun-tolerant plants. The main rocks which are found in these gardens are sandstone and limestone.Rock garden plants installing company.

(3) Water gardens.

We can consider water gardens as one of the oldest form of gardening.  Water gardens are also constructed under glass. And by this we can keep the pools heated. In these cases tropical plants are grown. This garden is suitable for the moisture loving plants. Best garden bushes making company in Delhi NCR.

(4) Herb and vegetable gardens.

These gardens need a sunny space to be cultivated. This is because the majority of the plants grown here are warm. For these gardens you need to have good cultivation technique. Also preparation of the ground is a key factor. Best pants and flowers garden making company in Delhi NCR.

(5) Specialty gardens.

With the help of modern architecture we are able to see the roof gardens. This makes our roof look very attractive. In these gardens the depth of the oil is very less. Other than this all other principles are same as compared to other gardens. The main reason for keeping the soil low is to keep the weight less on the rooftop. Also the size of the plants is limited due to this. In this gardening the plants are set in tubs and other containers. Here beds of flowering plants are also made. Some other type of specialty gardens include scented gardens.  The main essence of these gardens is the scents from the leaves or flowers. They are mainly grown in raised beds. Also it is in the reach of the visitors. Best plants for garden in Delhi NCR.