Mosses are short flowerless plants that commonly grow in impenetrable green clumps or mats, often in soaked or shady locations. We are the best moss wall maker in Delhi NCR

Moss graffiti or Moss art is a new trend in street art that uses living moss to write on the walls of public spaces. This art form has now taken a boom. Moss can be fused and painted onto a wall, and may then grow in position. It provides you a very good combination.Creative moss grower in Delhi NCR. By replacing the harmful chemicals found in paints (such as methanol, which damages the nervous system when consumed in large quantities) with plant matter, the artist can create works without damaging the environment. This is the most beautiful quality this art has. It protects the environment. It ensures that it does not hurt the environment. It is because no extra chemicals are added. We are quick live moss installer in Delhi NCR.

Moss graffiti is created by taking bundles of moss and mixing them with water (sometimes beer), buttermilk, yogurt, and corn syrup to create a thick, paintable liquid. Using a paint brush, the moss mixture is painted on a wall in the desired pattern and allowed to grow.Best garden art maker in Delhi NCR.
Moss Art: Hashtag
Moss Art:Words
Moss Art:Words
Moss Art: Grass
Moss Art: Inside Frame
Moss Art:Symbols
Moss Art:Words
Moss Art: Letters


  • For many people, graffiti conjures up a slew of negative associations. It’s usually illegal, expensive to remove, can damage property, and is often vulgar or unappealing to the eye. Despite graffiti’s traditionally sullied reputation, there are still those who see it as a unique expression of individuality and support graffiti artists whose works brighten otherwise dark and dreary cities.Creative indoor moss wall maker in Delhi NCR.
  • Moss graffiti, frequently called eco-graffiti or green graffiti, is changing people’s perception of street art. Fresh, intriguing, and alive, eco-graffiti can literally bring life to urban landscapes. Instead of spreading toxic chemicals through spray paint, moss graffiti artists use bio-degradable ingredients to write messages, draw pictures, and decorate plain architecture. In today’s world use of bio-degradable is the best part. Nowadays people don’t use bio-degradable. It is very good for the ecosystem. Best living wall maker in Delhi NCR.
  • Moss Graffiti gives individuals the freedom to express themselves in a way that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. For some, this freedom comes from the accessibility of graffiti; all this medium needs is a spray can and an idea, and the artist can create what he wants, as opposed to having to purchase expensive supplies to get started. For other graffiti artists, the advantage of the medium is that they can express an opinion or idea, such as a political point, and get it seen, in a bid to be heard and perhaps create an impact.
  • The real moss is preserved.Know how to grow moss .
  • Moss art has a long lasting impact on people. It gets into the minds. Moreover, it also has a large audience to watch it. It creates a deep impact and people often remember graphical representations more than words. It is a fact that our mind remembers the graphical representations. Same is the case with Moss art with the help of graphical representations it gets into peoples mind.Designer moss art wall in Delhi NCR.
  • Well-worked moss art is typically creative, colourful and bold, and thus it changes the character of the particular area where it appears.Best living wall maker in Delhi NCR. In many cases, this change is positive, since the art turns drab and monotone buildings and bare walls into interesting and eye-catching exhibitions of the imagination. Neighbourhoods are brightened up without local authorities needing to engage in refurbishment programs.We are the best ancient graffiti garden maker in Delhi NCR.
  • The problem with art in the 21st century is the notion that it’s sometimes just not seen, thanks to a lack of interest from people, especially the younger generation. These people don’t go to museums and art exhibitions, and so aren’t generally exposed to works of art. Economical wall moss maker in Delhi NCR. Well-worked graffiti’s helps to redress this problem by bringing art directly to the public, pushing it in their faces, and perhaps helping to foster an interest in artwork that will drive individuals to explore the art world further.Organic living wall moss maker in Gurgaon Delhi NCR


Know how to grow moss on your wall. As people become more eco-friendly and environmentally aware, the concept of creating living, breathing graffiti has become an exciting outlet for graffiti artists. Moss graffiti replaces spray paint, paint-markers or other such toxic chemicals and paints with a paintbrush and a moss “paint” that can grow on its own.Best living moss wall art maker in Gurgaon Delhi NCR.


Gather up as much moss as you can find or buy. Where you gather the moss is important. The kind that grows on trees won’t necessarily do well on walls. Gather moss from pavement, damp bricks, cement walkway, etc. Moss from the woods doesn’t work as well and should be left in the wild. You should not use Moss from the wood. If there is no moss on the walks and walls where you live, the moss milk probably won’t work in that climate. Beautiful interior moss wall maker in Gurgaon Delhi NCR.


Wash the moss to get as much soil out of the roots as possible. It is important to take out the soil of the roots. Now after this break the moss apart. Break into manageable pieces. Here you only need to break the manageable pieces. Now place the pieces in the blender.Creative moss walls indoor installer in Gurgaon Delhi NCR.


Add the buttermilk/yogurt, water/beer and sugar. Blend the mixture until completely smooth. You’ll want it to have a paint-like texture. If the mixture is at a consistency where you feel it will drip, add corn syrup until the consistency you desire is reached. Once the liquid is ready pour it in a bucket for easy use. Green interior moss wall maker in Gurgaon Delhi NCR.


It is a very important step. Use a paintbrush to apply the moss-paint to the surface on which you wish your design to grow. If possible, check back weekly to either spray the design with water (to encourage moss growth, especially if you live in a dry environment) or apply more moss-paint. Best roof moss creater in Gurgaon Delhi NCR.


Check your moss graffiti regularly. Depending on your climate, sometimes it takes a while to grow your moss. It is actually very important to keep a check. With the help of this step, you can maintain your moss. Best moss wall art maker in Gurgaon